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✫ Solo Exhibition | The Blinking Organism X You SPLEEN Me' Round X OPERATION 2 | Esplanade Concourse | Singapore | 11 April 2017

✫ Solo Exhibition | The Blinking Organism X You SPLEEN Me' Round X OPERATION 1 | Chan Hampe Galleries | Singapore | March 2017

✫ Group Exhibition | Glue Your Eyelids Together | State of Motion 2017 | Speaker Corner Hong Lim Park | Art Week 14 Jan - 4 Feb 2017

★ “Taking your head between my hands with a gentle, caressing air, I might dig my greedy fingers into the lobes of your innocent brain- to extract, with a smile on my lips, a substance which is good ointment to bathe my eyes, sore from the eternal insomnia of life. I might, by stitching your eyelids together, deprive you of the spectacle of the universe, and make it impossible for you to see your way; and then I should certainly not act as your guide.” – Les Chants de Maldoror by Lautréamont ★
✫ Public Announcement Video on Vimeo✫ Glue Your Eyelids Together ✫

† Glue Your Eyelids Together X Public Sculpture † Speaker Corner, Hong Lim Park Singapore †
Exhibition Tour: http://som17tours.peatix.com
Curated by Kent Chan X Thanks to Toh Hun Ping, Thong Kay Wee, Cassandra Sim, Asian Film Archive
Performer in the Public Announcement Video: Lyon Sim X Music by Digestion Machine & Underbelly

✫ Group Exhibition | You Will Die Lulled By The Waves Of The Stormy Sea | Ghost on the Wire | Objectifs, Singapore | 18 August(Opening Night)- 4 September 2016
Curator's tour 27 August Noon

† Video documentation of 'You Will Die Lulled By The Waves Of The Stormy Sea'†

✫ Group Exhibition | I Just Want You to FEEL the FEELING I FELT | Liang Court Singapore | 3 July Sunday (Performance 3pm)

Performing Remembrance X Experience Memory
In Collaboration With:
Performer X Chant: Lyon Sim
Music By: Kai Lam | Ghostscrawl
Composer/Lyrics: Digestion Machine & Underbelly
Joo Choon Lin Copyright © 2016

★ Watch Documentation Performance Video Click Here! ★

✫ Group Exhibition | TRANSCENDENTAL SEASONING ON A SUNNY DAY | Serangoon Swimming Complex | Singapore | 3 July Sunday

✫ Live Performance | "Abdominal BASS Cavern of A Stricken HEART" | Gillman Barracks, Rest Stop behind Block 9, next to Michael Jassen Gallery | 8pm, 22 Jan 2016

Across the desolate swamps of these military wastelands; today, you people are no longer maggots. You will emerge from your chrysalis, a new tautness of mind, from the deadly emanations of this performance. Your perforated sonar will scavenge on the acrid remains of swampland flesh and soul in concerto unison – accelerando! fortissimo! presto!... Behold, The Abdominal Bass Cavern of a Stricken Heart! Listen well, feast and fester, or turn on your heels and go back like a raven reincarnated in regret.

In collaboration with:
Lyon Sim, Abby L. Kahei, Mario Chan, Raeha
Music by: Vermillion Team (Fuzz Lee)

Above: Trailer Version of "Abdominal BASS Cavern of A Stricken HEART"
Video Credit: Monochromatic Pictures
† Abdominal BASS Cavern Of A Stricken HEART †Below: Click on Gif for Full Video Documentation of "Abdominal BASS Cavern of A Stricken HEART"

(Click to watch the full Video Documentation of the Performance)

✫ Art Stage Singapore 2016, ShanghART, Singapore

✫ Artist Residency+Exhibition | FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio | Taiwan | Dec 2015 - Feb 2016

Video-documentation performative activities with local residents in Hualien Taiwan

✫ Group Exhibition | NO BOUNDARY | ShanghART Singapore | 17 Oct – 15 Nov 2015

✫ Group Exhibition | Rendezvous at ICA Singapore | 19 June opening–2 August 2015

INTESTINOLOGY Series #03: With DIAMONDS You Repay I Dont Care For Heaven | Multimedia Installation
MTV style Video: DIRTY deed KETCHUP done DIRT cheap
CAST: Abigail Chay | Adi Jamaludin | Lyon Sim
★Live Performance on the opening 19 June with Abigail chay, Adi Jamaludin and Lyon Sim★
†To watch the full videos Click HERE†

✫ Group Exhibition | "Gliding Through ●▲◆" | Gare Saint Sauveur Lille3000 | Lille, France | April -September 2015

Part of the 'Gliding Through ●▲◆' Installation View
Cast: Abigail Chay | Adi Jamaludin | Amei | Eudora Rusli | Gillian Tan | Lyon Sim | Nanda Yadav

✫ Artist Residency + Group Exhibition | FRAC | Nantes, France | Jan-March 2015

✫ Screening of Short Video Art & Experimental Films | Video screening of The Beat Of The City That Freezed + Supersensible Realm | Collective Form | Objectifs | Singapore
There are 2 screening times:
21 Jan 2015, Wed, 730pm to 830pm
24 Jan 2015, Sat, 4pm to 5pm
Seats are limited to the free screening. Pre-registration required to info@objectifs.com.sg.

✫ Group Exhibition | showing videos of Resolution of Reality + Vaporized By Sunrise | Heaven and Hell on Earth Art Festival | Latent Spaces | 17 January - 8 March 2015

✫ Filming Production of "Gliding Through ●▲◆" | Singapore (Haw Par Villa) + Lille France 2014

✫ Group Exhibition | Prototype of "The VEGGsplode and EGGcellent Picture Show" 3 | Westgate Mall | 17 – 27 Jan 2015
Extract Video below

✫ Group Exhibition | Double You | Skånes Konstförening | Malmö, Sweden | 29 August-7 September 2014

✫ Group Exhibition | Be Mysterious | Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre | Canada | August 1 – October 26, 2014
I Only Make Friends With Money | Synthetic Goo, Pennies

Video Still of Broken Tools Series: If we're Going to Die, We'll All Die Together

'Be Mysterious' is a survey of recent sculpture by Canadian and international artists, who invert the practicality of commonplace things.
Accentuating the sensual and physical qualities above their use, these artworks go beyond appearances and allow for the development of
alternate relationships with and among objects.
Curated by Jesse McKee

✫ Object ‘eats up’: You think you have …. Breakfast, right? | Video 3 Min | 2012 ✫

✫ Group Exhibition | The Haunted Printer | Ghost on the Wire | Bermondsey Project Space | London | 12 June 2014

✫ Exhibition | The VEGGsplode and EGGcellent Picture Show | Kovan Hub | Singapore | 26 May - 22June 2014


✫ Your Eyes Are Stupid | Singapore Biennale 2013
26 OCT 2013 - 16 FEB 2014

✫ Solo Exhibition | Resolution of Reality | Third-Floor Hermes | 2nd Nov - 16 Dec 2012

+Click to watch the video 'Vaporised By Sunrise' on Youtube+

✫ 1st Aichi Triennale 2010 | The Beat Of The City That Freezed | Animated Film Installation | Japan

✫ Come Out And Play| Animated Film | 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009

Click on the image to watch extract video of Come Out And Play!

✫ Come Out And Play! | Animated Film Installation | Singapore Art Museum 8Q | 2009